Are Women with Long Hair Really Considered more Attractive?

Long Hair

It’s long been argued whether women with long hair are more attractive than women with short hair, but is it really true? Mostly it is a matter of opinion. Much like a piece of artwork, beauty is subjective. Below is a series of key points that support the theory that long hair is better.

Long Hair

Long Hair Makes Women Appear More Youthful:

When women cut their hair it ages their appearance. In some cases this can be a drastic change. In most cases women with short hair are seen as more serious, are more accepted in a business environment when it comes to employment, and are misjudged as being the opposite of their once playful stereotype they shed. Short hair makes people assume that a woman is determined and goal-oriented. Men inherently are not looking for someone to boss them around, thus the short hairstyle is a turn off based on this misunderstood stereotyped hairstyle.

A Symbol of Femininity:

For ages long hair has been a symbol of femininity. Chopping it all off symbolizes a change in thoughts, beliefs, and personality. The style can not change unless the hair is allowed to regrow. A woman that drastically shortens her hair sheds her femininity in trade for style. Traditionally, most men prefer long hair because it never goes out of style, unlike short hair styles that vary from season to season.

More Approachable:

Due to their younger appearance, long haired women are by far more approachable than women with short hair. Whether or not the women with short hair have an agenda, the stereotype says they do. Therefore they would have no problem telling a man off. They are by far more opinionated and confident. Women with long hair evoke a certain vulnerability and shyness that supports an age-old belief of men fighting to protect women in a time when women weren’t allowed to fight. The women that chose to rebel against these ideals had to cut off their hair to appear less feminine so as to pass for men on the field.

A Reflection of Health:

Women with long hair reveal the history of their health to the world by maintaining their luxurious locks. Both hair length and quality can be a symbol of reproductive potential. Long hair can actually reflect 2-3 years of a woman’s health status, nutrition, and age. Having long hair is not only a symbol of health and youthfulness, it is a symbol of power.

Something to Play With:

Some men find women with long hair more attractive because it allows them to run their fingers through it. While not all men need something to “play with”, it is true that a wide majority of men share this same desire. Women who take the time to care for their hair properly signify to the world that they are responsible and care for their health as well as their own appearance amongst others.

Are women with long hair more attractive than those with short hair? The evidence certainly seems to suggest so though beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder.