Split Ends- Do they Impede Hair Growth?

Hair Growth Rate

People often wonder about growing out their hair. There seems to be an insurgence of companies that are promising luscious locks by taking a vitamin every day. And most everyone goes to the hairdresser regularly to tame their tresses. Women and men who want to grow their hair out will often ask the hairdresser when they are there- “does split ends slow down hair growth?”.

 Hair Growth Rate

 Does the Hair Industry Exaggerate?

There might be many motivations for this question. People are often tempted to just stop going to the hairstylist if they want to grow out their hair. However, they do know, because it is common knowledge, that split ends can occur if one does not regularly get hair cuts. However, does the hair industry exaggerate this claim to get more frequent repeat customers to the salon?

 What Split Ends Do :

While there might be a great deal of pressure on employees of the salon to sustain business, regular haircuts are important. Hair can split at the bottom and just continue to separate until halfway up the hair shaft. Then, the hair will become weak at that point and break off. This would result in dramatically shorter hair with enough split ends.

The Hair Growth Rate :

Thankfully, people do not usually wait until the last minute for a hair cut. They do book in cuts as part of a regular hygiene regime. However, there is a flip side to this equation. People can book in cuts too frequently and prevent their hair from growing. Hair will generally grow 1/4 to 1/2 inches a month. So if a person is going into the salon every month and getting a 1/2 inch cut off, then the hair does not have time to grow in between cuts.

 What to Do if Growing Hair Out :

Some stylists are not clear enough with clients. The client cannot expect hair growth when the person comes in every 4 weeks for a trim. Even though stylists might say to come in every four to six weeks for a cut, this is not good advice for people trying to grow out length.

In the case of people who want to grow out hair, then maybe a cut every eight months will be enough. It is definitely true though if they go for six months or a year without a cut, then their hair could be full of split ends. And these ends will break. This is especially true if the person does any sort of heat styling with the hair.

So in summary, split ends do slow down hair growth. That is because they can break at any length. And for hair to actually grow out, it must be whole, not shredded. Most people would not consider shredded hair to really be the type of growth that is desired. So finding a delicate balance where the person is not getting split ends, but also not getting hair cut to frequently, is the desired habit when it comes to hair growth ventures.