Five Ways to keep your Hair Healthy

moisturing Hair

Keeping your hair healthy depends on family traditions and also on proven practices. There are many options to keep your hair healthy. Let us look at five of them that are a part of tradition and have been proven to work. The following have been used by family members and friends in the community.

moisturing Hair


It is best to wash your hair daily with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Some shampoos are two in one and can maintain moisture in your hair. I happen to like washing my natural hair daily. If one has in a perm and cannot wash daily, then wash as regularly as once a week. This is important to keep the skull free of clogging so that hair can be healthy.


It is very important to oil your hair. Coconut oil is used by many Hindu Indians and they have healthy hair that you can look at and it grows very easily. Oil keeps your hair shiny and healthy. Of course you are only to put a little daily so as not to clog the pores of the hair follicles. It stops the hair form breaking as it maintains the flexibility of the hair follicle.

Massage Scalp:

The Japanese use massage for many reasons. Once the Moonies came to my country and taught me to massage the scalp. I have continued to massage the scalp to relax and decreases stress. This keeps you and your hair healthy. There are no fears of thinning and fallen hair. A massage must star from your temple to the forehead. Then it goes to the crown of your head. Massage the back of the head then the nape of the neck.


This is a favorite ritual. I like trimming my hair. It grows more and with more body than if left to grow without trimming. Trimming must be done monthly just as you like going to the salon monthly to have your hair pampered. Trimming keeps split ends away and so growth is natural and thick. Hair always grows with regular trimming. People with thick healthy hair trim it as often as weekly for men and monthly for women. Trimming means evening the ends of your hair in several sessions. It does not mean getting all hair ends even in one sitting. Therefore, you are to snip only a fraction of an inch from your hair.


This soothing and calming exercise for the scalp can put a person to sleep. You have surely heard of the one hundred strokes before bedtime. Many young girls have had this treatment from their grandmother and the proof is in the hair on their shoulders. The brushing releases natural oils in the scalp and this contributes to healthy hair.