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After confirming the state of your hair and scalp, we’ll provide you with proper advice.

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With gear such as (REPRO Z) to aid in the penetration of hair water or extracts cleanup jets for removing grime from the entire scalp, this program uses the newest committed equipment to help boost the capacity of hair development.



This hair fostering method uses the client’s existing hair simply by adding hair into the regions of concern.

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We invite you to explore the variety of treatments that we offer, by providing you with the best ways to relax. Unwind yourself, feel energized and alive.

Master Hair Checkup

  • Physical Examination$43

    To note scalp and hair health and quality

  • Microscopic Examination$39

    To diagnose dandruff, sebum secretion, Pore density, Pitch (distance between two pores) and any other problems.

  • Tricho Analysis$43

    The hair formula helps us in establishing severity of hair loss and selecting appropriate treatment.

  • Hair Mineral Analysis$35

    A hair mineral analysis reveals your mineral deficiencies and heavy metal toxicity.

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Split Ends- Do they Impede Hair Growth?

Hair Growth Rate

People often wonder about growing out their hair. There seems to be an insurgence of companies that are promising luscious locks by taking a vitamin every day. And most everyone goes to the hairdresser regularly to tame their tresses. Women and men who want to grow their hair out will often ask the hairdresser when they are there- “does split ends slow down hair growth?”.

 Hair Growth Rate

 Does the Hair Industry Exaggerate?

There might be many motivations for this question. People are often tempted to just stop going to the hairstylist if they want to grow out their hair. However, they do know, because it is common knowledge, that split ends can occur if one does not regularly get hair cuts. However, does the hair industry exaggerate this claim to get more frequent repeat customers to the salon?

 What Split Ends Do :

While there might be a great deal of pressure on employees of the salon to sustain business, regular haircuts are important. Hair can split at the bottom and just continue to separate until halfway up the hair shaft. Then, the hair will become weak at that point and break off. This would result in dramatically shorter hair with enough split ends.

The Hair Growth Rate :

Thankfully, people do not usually wait until the last minute for a hair cut. They do book in cuts as part of a regular hygiene regime. However, there is a flip side to this equation. People can book in cuts too frequently and prevent their hair from growing. Hair will generally grow 1/4 to 1/2 inches a month. So if a person is going into the salon every month and getting a 1/2 inch cut off, then the hair does not have time to grow in between cuts.

 What to Do if Growing Hair Out :

Some stylists are not clear enough with clients. The client cannot expect hair growth when the person comes in every 4 weeks for a trim. Even though stylists might say to come in every four to six weeks for a cut, this is not good advice for people trying to grow out length.

In the case of people who want to grow out hair, then maybe a cut every eight months will be enough. It is definitely true though if they go for six months or a year without a cut, then their hair could be full of split ends. And these ends will break. This is especially true if the person does any sort of heat styling with the hair.

So in summary, split ends do slow down hair growth. That is because they can break at any length. And for hair to actually grow out, it must be whole, not shredded. Most people would not consider shredded hair to really be the type of growth that is desired. So finding a delicate balance where the person is not getting split ends, but also not getting hair cut to frequently, is the desired habit when it comes to hair growth ventures.

Five Ways to keep your Hair Healthy

moisturing Hair

Keeping your hair healthy depends on family traditions and also on proven practices. There are many options to keep your hair healthy. Let us look at five of them that are a part of tradition and have been proven to work. The following have been used by family members and friends in the community.

moisturing Hair


It is best to wash your hair daily with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Some shampoos are two in one and can maintain moisture in your hair. I happen to like washing my natural hair daily. If one has in a perm and cannot wash daily, then wash as regularly as once a week. This is important to keep the skull free of clogging so that hair can be healthy.


It is very important to oil your hair. Coconut oil is used by many Hindu Indians and they have healthy hair that you can look at and it grows very easily. Oil keeps your hair shiny and healthy. Of course you are only to put a little daily so as not to clog the pores of the hair follicles. It stops the hair form breaking as it maintains the flexibility of the hair follicle.

Massage Scalp:

The Japanese use massage for many reasons. Once the Moonies came to my country and taught me to massage the scalp. I have continued to massage the scalp to relax and decreases stress. This keeps you and your hair healthy. There are no fears of thinning and fallen hair. A massage must star from your temple to the forehead. Then it goes to the crown of your head. Massage the back of the head then the nape of the neck.


This is a favorite ritual. I like trimming my hair. It grows more and with more body than if left to grow without trimming. Trimming must be done monthly just as you like going to the salon monthly to have your hair pampered. Trimming keeps split ends away and so growth is natural and thick. Hair always grows with regular trimming. People with thick healthy hair trim it as often as weekly for men and monthly for women. Trimming means evening the ends of your hair in several sessions. It does not mean getting all hair ends even in one sitting. Therefore, you are to snip only a fraction of an inch from your hair.


This soothing and calming exercise for the scalp can put a person to sleep. You have surely heard of the one hundred strokes before bedtime. Many young girls have had this treatment from their grandmother and the proof is in the hair on their shoulders. The brushing releases natural oils in the scalp and this contributes to healthy hair.


Are Women with Long Hair Really Considered more Attractive?

Long Hair

It’s long been argued whether women with long hair are more attractive than women with short hair, but is it really true? Mostly it is a matter of opinion. Much like a piece of artwork, beauty is subjective. Below is a series of key points that support the theory that long hair is better.

Long Hair

Long Hair Makes Women Appear More Youthful:

When women cut their hair it ages their appearance. In some cases this can be a drastic change. In most cases women with short hair are seen as more serious, are more accepted in a business environment when it comes to employment, and are misjudged as being the opposite of their once playful stereotype they shed. Short hair makes people assume that a woman is determined and goal-oriented. Men inherently are not looking for someone to boss them around, thus the short hairstyle is a turn off based on this misunderstood stereotyped hairstyle.

A Symbol of Femininity:

For ages long hair has been a symbol of femininity. Chopping it all off symbolizes a change in thoughts, beliefs, and personality. The style can not change unless the hair is allowed to regrow. A woman that drastically shortens her hair sheds her femininity in trade for style. Traditionally, most men prefer long hair because it never goes out of style, unlike short hair styles that vary from season to season.

More Approachable:

Due to their younger appearance, long haired women are by far more approachable than women with short hair. Whether or not the women with short hair have an agenda, the stereotype says they do. Therefore they would have no problem telling a man off. They are by far more opinionated and confident. Women with long hair evoke a certain vulnerability and shyness that supports an age-old belief of men fighting to protect women in a time when women weren’t allowed to fight. The women that chose to rebel against these ideals had to cut off their hair to appear less feminine so as to pass for men on the field.

A Reflection of Health:

Women with long hair reveal the history of their health to the world by maintaining their luxurious locks. Both hair length and quality can be a symbol of reproductive potential. Long hair can actually reflect 2-3 years of a woman’s health status, nutrition, and age. Having long hair is not only a symbol of health and youthfulness, it is a symbol of power.

Something to Play With:

Some men find women with long hair more attractive because it allows them to run their fingers through it. While not all men need something to “play with”, it is true that a wide majority of men share this same desire. Women who take the time to care for their hair properly signify to the world that they are responsible and care for their health as well as their own appearance amongst others.

Are women with long hair more attractive than those with short hair? The evidence certainly seems to suggest so though beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder.

7 Easy Home Remedies to get Rid of Dandruff

Dandruff Hair

Have you ever found yourself in a situation to scratch your head when you are in some very important meeting, or even an interview? That is always an embarrassing moment at most times because it gives out white cascade of white flakes that are always annoying. That is why it is known that dandruff is a medical problem that most people that suffer from it always find it hard to cope or live with. You can solve this problem right at your home. These are the seven remedies that you can use.

Dandruff Hair

The usage of tea tree oil:

If you have come across anti-fungal medications, you will realize that they all boost of the use of tea tree oil that contains that power to fight bacterial and even fungal infections. What you only need to do is to just add a one or two drops of this oil to your shampoo and then go ahead to wash your head normally. The good part is that you will notice the results right from the comfort of your home.

It is advised that you use vinegar:

Vinegar has been found to help in the treatment of an itchy and dry skin. When you use it, you will have gone a step ahead to kill dandruff-causing bacteria and fungus. Vinegar contains an acidic content that is beneficial in reducing flaking. It is advised that you apply white vinegar about half an hour before washing your head.

You can also decide to use Aloe Vera:            

When you use Aloe Vera, you will get two advantages directly from it; it will exfoliate the skin and col it at the same time. That is why it will never leave any bacterial and fungal behind to be a mess to your scalp. Using it is also a simple way. Just apply it on the scalp and wash it away with mild shampoo or use medicated anti-dandruff.

Use baking soda:

Baking soda acts as a scrub and when you use it, it will exfoliate the scalp in a gentle manner. You will never feel irritated at all. The process will remove all your dead skin on your head and leave you a hay person. Exfoliation is an important process that will ensure that there is flake building on your scalp.

You can also use and apply neem:

Most of us are knowledgeable of the functions of neem in skin medications. It is an extract that has been found to contain antibacterial and antifungal qualities that always ensure that your head is always clean. Dandruff is mostly attributed to the fungal colonization that happens on the scalp, which is why it is always related to skin ailments. Always choose this natural process and make your scalp clean all the time.

You can also apply garlic:

If you have come across garlic, then you cannot miss to have noticed the pungent smell that comes from it. But the truth is that it is known to have medicinal value to human beings. It is a beneficial product as it contains antifungal benefits when it is crushed in raw form. What you need to do is to pound a clove or two and use it on your scalp and you will notice quicker results.

Avoid oiling your hair and then keeping it for a longer time:

Most people think that when you have oiled your hair, it is going to be a better thing. Yes it is for some time but that you have never known is that it is going to be a catalyst to dandruff. This is because oil is like food for ‘Malazzessia’ which is known to be a key cause to dandruff.

Ensure that you always have your head clean. Sometimes it is not recommended that you always waste your money going to the hospitals to look for medication. You can be your own doctor and when you use them well, then you will get the best results.

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